A welcoming table “standing amid pines…ever-lasting life grows under it… pine cones,
chestnut burs, and strawberry leaves are strewn about.”

H.D. Thoreau

Nomadic feasts in the wild

In the land we forage the wild green edibles, the herbs, the fungi and the fruit. We source our fish and game from local fishermen and hunters. Other products like flour, milk, oil, butter, meat and vegetables are sourced by local producers and farmers. 

Handmade Artisan Bread 

We begin by presenting the history and artistry of breadmaking in the Mediterranean regions. Then, we knead our dough using a variety of native grains and wild yeast, and then bake it over an open fire

Cooking on Fire

We present the origins and techniques of Greek earth-inspired gastronomy over an open-fire. We start by discussing the roots and gastronomic properties of our ingredients. We make a fire and prepare our food, while we demonstrate various outdoor cooking techniques.

Wild Foraging and Cooking Over the Open Fire

Trying a blackberry that is picked straight from the woods, is a sublime treat for all the senses. Experience pure culinary bliss, whilst seasoning the wild contents of your basket with herbs picked right beside the wood-fire. 

Harvesting of Wild Herbs and Outdoor Distillations and Extractions

In the plant kingdom, essential oils represent the very essence of their odour and flavour.

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